YIKES! Kym Whitley Reveals Alarming Face and Mouth Injuries After A Nasty Fall

by Taylor Handberry Staggers

September 26, 2019

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Kym Whitley posted an alarming video to her Instagram sharing the injuries she suffered after falling in a hole.

Fellow comedian Jackie Fabulous, who was filming, responded in shock when “The Parkers” actress removed an icepack revealing a very swollen lip.

The 58-year-old then jokingly responded: “I’m still sexy.”

She also shared a list of her injuries. “Just so my friends know I’m okay. I did bust up my lip.. four stitches in my nose, got a CAT scan and my knees are jacked up.”

The funny woman was recently on The DL Hughley Show discussing her hilarious point of view on everything from pop culture and politics to sports. You can watch the full interview here.


We are glad to see that the comedian-and-actress is doing well and in good spirits after such a scary ordeal.

JOIN US in wishing Kym Whitley a speedy recovery.

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