Buying Black: Here’s How You Can Support Black Out Day

by Krystal Franklin

July 7, 2020

Photo by Urban One, Inc.

Amid renewed calls for racial equality across the country, many Black Americans have a plan to make their impact felt. According to the movement’s official website. Tuesday, July 7, has been designated Blackout Day, a call to action and “day of solidarity in America where not one Black person in America spends a dollar” outside of businesses owned by Black people.”

In a statement, Urban Once, Inc founder Cathy Hughes said, “Urban One joins in solidarity with African American businesses and the Black community for Black Out Day. We are acutely aware of the trillion-dollar impact of our community’s spending power and the importance of supporting and promoting black-owned businesses within our local communities.”

Want to support and shift the buying power to our communities? The Blackout Coalition also created a directory to help you find Black-owned businesses near you.

TELL US: What businesses are you supporting today?

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