The Rickey Smiley Show

The Rickey Smiley Show | The Catch

S1/EP7 | Airdate: Oct 02, 2020

Runtime: 00:30:00

De’anna is crazy about a senior at her school and Rickey prohibits her from seeing him because she’s too young to date and nobody is good enough for his baby girl. De’anna is sad and about to break it off with him until Rickey discovers the kid is the top college football prospect in the nation and more importantly he’s leaning towards attending Rickey’s alma mater, Alabama. He may even pledge Rickey’s fraternity (stepping). This changes things dramatically. Rickey thinks the guy is great for De’anna. He’s shocked when De’anna wants to break up with him. NOOOO! Rickey does everything he can to keep the young couple together until he realizes it’s not what De’anna wants. And at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing. B STORY After he constantly begs her, Tiffany decides to help Kenny renegotiate his contract and get a raise. It should be simple but she didn’t anticipate just how cheap Maurice is. Tiffany advises Kenny to hold out and he gets fired. Now Tiffany has to get Kenny his job back.