‘I am truly a [king’s] kid, and I’m VERY special to him:’ Tamar Braxton Sends Warning to Alleged Culprit That Targeted Her Home

by Jhanaya Belle

November 18, 2021

Photo by: Paras Griffin/Contributor

R&B singer, Tamar Braxton shares with fans that an unidentified person broke and entered her home, and stole her property Wednesday, Nov. 17th.

According to TMZ, the crime took place Tuesday, Nov. 16th, around 7 to 8 pm in Braxton’s Calabasas, California home. According to the publication, she wasn’t home when the house was burglarized.

“A few hours ago, this broken bum a– man (one that I know) broke into my home and stole my safe only,” says the 44-year-old in an Instagram post. “Not a Birkin, not a computer, not one of Logan’s game systems. But he only went through my drawers, broke mirrors turned my bed upside down, and took my safe.”


Continuing to reflect on the burglary, the mother of one shared that the unidentified person might be someone she knows allegedly.

Fans share their concerns about Braxton’s safety with warm-felt comments.

“Glad you’re safe, prayers up,” one fan says.

Another user states “OMG! I’m so Sorry to hear this Tay. Glad you and Logan are safe.”

The Maryland native continues to inform her fans that she isn’t angry that this incident occurred.

Photo by:
Paras Griffin / Contributor

“I want you to know first hand that I’m not angry,” she states. “You did not break me. You did not violate me. What your broken broke a– don’t realize that God gave me that home and EVERY single thing in it during a pandemic.”

Finishing up her post, Braxton declares that the items that were taken during the robbery will return to her “a million times fold.” Lastly, she sends a warning the culprit of the karma that they will receive for theft from a “king’s kid.”

“So pumpkin, You did not steal from me,” Braxton exclaims. “Those things you took, he will give back to me a million times fold!!!! You took from God!!!! I know that is not a payback you are not prepared for.. but get ready. This time you really did it!! I’m not sure you realize that I am truly a [king’s] kid, and I’m VERY special to him.”

Photo by: Johnny Louis/ Contributor

As the warning was issued, one fan states “Glad you’re safe. Everything taken from you will come back to you even more plentiful than before. In Jesus name, amen.”

At this time, there are no further updates.

We send our thoughts and prayers to The Braxton’s at this time.

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