R&B Divas LA Blog: Victoria and All Her Secrets
Diva Blog: Victoria and All Her Secrets

Leela James spills the tea on Brave’s “read” and opens up about her friend’s battle with cancer.

How has the dynamic changed on the show, now that you have Brave and Stacy as part of the Divas? Is anything different?

I’m cool. I’m fine. People have human emotions, especially with females; you have a whole lot of hormones going on. You’re going to have your good days and your bad days. Period. Sometimes everybody is not going to get along. Everybody is not going to like everybody. It’s not always a kumbaya moment, and that’s fine.

Do you feel you may have overreacted to Brave’s interaction with you at the lingerie store?

No! I wasn’t overreacting because she’d said it more than once. So after awhile it was like, “Huh?” We literally just met and it was some terminology, from a comfort level, that I feel like you don’t use if you don’t know somebody.

Did going to the store help change your perspective on lingerie?

Not that kind of lingerie! Victoria and all her secrets is enough for me.

Speaking of overreactions, did Lil’ Mo take Michel’le’s no-show too seriously?

I feel like that’s between them and I don’t really get involved in other people’s emotions because you can’t tell somebody how they feel.

How do you stay centered so that you are supporting your friend through her battle with cancer?

It’s an everyday struggle. It’s very difficult to watch this disease…that ravishes the body. It’s hard to watch someone go through that. She’s going through chemo as we speak.

We both pray. I try to keep things light when we’re together. For the most part we have a goofy sense of humor and when we hang out we try to focus on that side of life. In a sense it kind of keeps her mind off of what she’s dealing with, and then me too. I pull from her strength. She’s really strong.

What can we expect to see that’s new this season?

You’re definitely going to see more of me as a person; what makes me tick. You’ll see my sense of humor of course. You’ll just continue to see the realness in me. You’re going to get what you see with me. You may not like how you get it, but it’s probably what you need and it definitely is going to be the truth.