“For My Man” Episodes

Yvette Gay and Vishawn Mills

Yvette Gay is a simple girl desperate for companionship and when she falls for an angry man, he drags her into a murderous plot. Vishawn Mills finds the man of her dreams but when an innocent friendship with the landlord intimidates her jealous boyfriend, her dream becomes a nightmare.

Debra Brown and Chakkira Wonnum

Shy, anonymous twenty year old Debra Brown falls for serial child predator Alton Coleman and gets pulled into his twisted and deadly world. Later, seventeen year old Chakkira Wonnum escapes an abusive home only to run into the arms of a dangerous drug addict who forces her to commit an unspeakable act.

Vanessa Coleman and Tamika Jasper-Barbary

Vanessa Coleman is dangerously in love. She’ll stand by her man as he tortures a frightened couple in a drug-induced rage all while she watches. Then Tamika Jasper-Barbary marries a handsome, hard worker, but when his job gets them in hot water, Tamika risks it all to save her love.

Carolyn King and Angel Glenn

Troubled housewife Carolyn King deserts her family in search of a clean slate, only to find her perfect match in a local convict Bradley Martin. Next, teen mom Angel Glenn risks it all to support her baby. But when she crosses paths with a bad boy, Angel leaves her world of seduction for a life of crime.

Lisa Toney and Jessica Delancy

Jessica Delancy and her hot-tempered boyfriend hand out a gruesome punishment when someone messes with their money. Then, when Lisa Toney becomes dissatisfied with her husband Marcus, she trades him in for a sexy stranger and they plot to blow him away.

Felicia Scott and Victoria Jackson

When Felicia Scott’s man demands a child she can’t give him, she dives into a homicidal tailspin to get him exactly what he wants. Then, Victoria Jackson commits the ultimate act of betrayal against one of her own family members, at her dangerously jealous man’s request.