Top 10 Ways To Know You’re Being Digitally Deceived #tvonetv

by TV One Staff

April 12, 2016

What doesn’t kill you in a relationship makes you stronger, right? But who needs “808’s and Heartbreak” if those heartbreaks are based in lies and deceit? We’ve all experienced love’s ups and downs, and sometimes reach a point where we accept that it is not always black and white. But if the gray areas are super shady then your relationship may be more trouble than it’s worth. And with so much of our lives being based in the digital age it may be harder to maneuver through those gray areas.

Thankfully love in the 90’s didn’t have these techie issues. So if you need a break from all the digital drama, check out our Living Single marathon Thursday April 21, 5/4C. In the meantime, find out our top 10 ways to know you’re being deceived and avoid love’s digital pitfalls.

  1. They won’t “friend” you on Facebook.
    • Don’t fall for the “I never check my Facebook page” excuse. Why have one then?
  1. They take their cellphone with them EVERYWHERE THEY GO.
    • So you’re going to take that conference call in the bathroom? Leaving your cell phone laying around your new boo (especially if it’s unlocked) shows you trust them. If it becomes their second appendage, chances are they have something to hide.
  1. You’re never tagged when they do it for the gram. 
    • You’re past the honeymoon phase but still having fun. Date nights abound. They IG every meal you have at all the hot spots you hit up, but never add that they’re with you? Something is up.
  1. They constantly keep their cell phone face down.
    • Okay this is respectful during a lovely dinner out. It shows you want to pay attention to your date. But what if it’s ALL the time when you’re just kicking it in the house?
  1. Their cookie cache and their text message logs are spotless.
    • The uber organized may contest this as just being the actions of a neat freak, but you know your mate. If this is the ONE area in their lives that is spotless: no records of past texts, no records of past websites visited; they may be trying to clear up their tracks.
  1. Every time you try to do a Google Hangout or Skype video chat they decline…or better yet, always have a still image up.
    • They may be having more than a bad hair day. More like bed head without you day.
  1. You call during times they should be free. The phone rings once or twice and BOOM, voicemail.
    • You have now been declined!
  1. They take FOREVER to respond to a text message.
    • Everyone gets busy but if their MO is to take a day or more to show some attention, they’re just not that into you.
  1. They never want to snap pics.
    • It’s okay if they aren’t into Instagramming their lives away or choose to skip selfies. But if they never want to document the memories you’re making, maybe someone else is in the picture. Pun intended.
  1. Their Twitter handle doesn’t quite match their persona.
    • You’ve met someone who claims they’re the next Obama, or the next Kerry Washington, but their Twitter handle is @tattoosnbabyfood? May be time to do a background check.

Have some advice to help others avoid fatal flaws in a relationship? Submit your ideas to on ways you could be digitally deceived in the contact sport of dating. We will post another top 10 list made by viewers like you!