Rickey Smiley Rewind Episode 9

by James Hill

April 29, 2016

You know your one friend who hasn’t seen one episode of “Game of Thrones” and is all “who’s that?” or “Ooh, why did he kill her?” and “why is there a dragon?”

Don’t be like her.

Especially, when it comes to “Rickey Smiley For Real Season 2” which starts May 10 at 8/7c.

So in an effort to stop you from being annoying, we’re pulling out the best of last season’s episodes to get you up to speed. (Catch Up: Episode 1, Episode 3, Episode 5, Episode 7)


What You Need to Know: This is the season finale which was packed with emotion and a hair-raising finale.

Best Dad Moment: We hope you have your hankies ready. After talking with Craig, D’Essence decides that she wants to reach out and start a relationship with her biological father. So, we get why she would be so nervous telling Rickey, who has been her father figure for so long. Of course Rickey plays it just fine, not only does he tell her that he doesn’t mind, but like a real parent looking out for his kid, he warns her not to get her expectations up cause he can’t take seeing her hurt. We know, right?!?

Rewind Moment: You know that face you make when someone says something so left that you can’t even? Brandon does. While discussing anger issues and punishments, Rickey says he never hit Brandon until he was 17. Clearly, Brandon does not agree and starts to run down how many spankings he got starting at age 6. When Rickey says “well that’s different cause I wasn’t mad.” Brandon replies “So you was happy when you whooped me?” Ouch!

Work Drama: Don’t ask us why, but Rickey had the great idea to bring Maria Taylor (the ESPN personality he had a blind date with) to the studio. So naturally, the crew goes in asking about the state of their relationship and if there will be a second date. Which, surprise, surprise, there was where the two even joked about having kids #jokingnotjoking.

How Did It End?: We had a hard time deciding if this should be the end or the rewind moment. Why? Because watching Da Brat and Gary lose their sh!% when Rickey says he is going to personally pilot a plane ride to Albany, Georgia might be the best thing we’ve ever seen. Our favorite moment is when Da Brat straight climbs out of the plane, gets down on her knees and starts praying — “Lord, you know I don’t do this kind of thing. Help me Lord.”