Growing Up With A Black Mom: DISCIPLINE #GrowingUpWithABlackMom

by TV One Staff

May 6, 2016

Growing up we knew that when it came to discipline Mama didn’t play!

Here are 5 hilarious gifs from Everybody Hates Chris, that showcase the times when you knew you were about to get it.

When you’re done reliving what its like to grow up with a black Mom, reminisce some more during the 2-hour Everybody Hates Chris marathon Sunday, May 15 at Noon/11c!

1. When you get that bad phone call from school.

2. When your mom says: “Tell me who did it or everyone is getting a whoopin’” to you and your siblings.

3. When you want to lie so bad but your Mom is such a detective and you know the consequence is too much to bear.

4. When you did something you weren’t suppose to in public and your Mom gives you the stare of death.

5.You’ve officially embarrassed your Mom in public and she says to you: “You know I didn’t raise you like that!” Yeah, you’re definitely getting it when you get home.