Watch LisaRaye the Real McCoy Season 1, Episode 4

by James Hill

May 9, 2016

Actress, model, businesswoman — we know all of this when it comes to LisaRaye but the one dimension that we often forget is “mom.” After recently watching her reality show, we realized that her story is like so many of ours — a single mom just trying to make it happen. So we’re looking at past episodes to celebrate LisaRaye’s “momitude” (we made that up) and the mom-ents (that one, too) that made a difference.

Season 1, Episode 4

Mom-ometer Reading: 11 out of 10

“I have to kiss, I have to touch, I have to love.” Aside from dressing in all white, one of LisaRaye’s best known qualities is her affection for her daughter. We remember when the show was first in season and some gave her a side-eye when kissing all over Kai. So if you’re one to be turned off by motherly-affection, best you avert your eyes because LisaRaye demands a serious smooch from Kai for her 42nd birthday. Of course, Kai barely tolerated it.

Mom Goal: Pole Position

The most we might ask of our moms is to judge a baking contest at our kids’ school. Then again, our mom didn’t star in “The Player’s Club.” So it should be no surprise that LisaRaye was tapped to judge a pole-dancing competition at Atlanta’s best known skripper joint “Magic City.” The ladies earned them dollars, but it was when one woman — bigger, but braver than the rest — showe her stuff that you see LisaRaye’s mom-mode kick in. She ends up giving the competitor a super sweet shout out and even some cash!

Mom-ent: What Part of the Game is This?

In this episode LisaRaye drives out to see her sister Da Brat (who knew?!) while she was still serving time for assault. On the way, LisaRaye recounts hearing Da Brat’s album for the first time. Apparently, she had never heard lil sis curse before because when she played the CD she got that mom face like “so I guess you grown now?”