DISCUSS: Empire Season Finale #empireontvone

by TV One Staff

May 18, 2016

EMPIRE SPOILERS (like you didn’t watch last night):

It. Went. Down. on the “Empire” finale and we mean that literally. Yes, Jamal lived (no surprise there) but after Rhonda figured that Anika was the one who shoved her down the steps, the two got into a scuffle which ends with one of them going over the edge of a tall building. So who really bought it? We want your thoughts below.

Of course, we won’t know who it is until Season 3 (our bet is Rhonda is taking the “L”) but the good news is that Empire isn’t really gone. Starting May 29 at Noon/11c, we are running the every episode of Empire to help ease that drama withdrawal. Speaking of drama, we know this last season was “tew murch” so we summed it all up in 10 GIFs.


In the season opener Cookie shows she’s the ultimate ride or die by donning a gorilla suit instead of Chanel and throwing a “Free Lucious” concert.

giphy (5)


Lucious isn’t only spitting bars behind bars. He’s also making serious boss moves and blocks Cookie’s takeover attempt. They both lose control of Empire momentarily to Camilla, her boo and Hakeem, but like a bad ex it always comes back.

giphy (6)


A HUGE thread throughout the season is the FBI’s constant struggle to pin something on Lucious. They know he’s dirty. We know he’s dirty. But, they’re thrown of his trail (for now) when the missing Vernon shows up in the DA’s car.

giphy (7)


Lucious is out of jail and trying to take back control. He almost has it, until Hakeem plays the ultimate hater move and votes against him at a board meeting. Lucious can’t be mad though, like father, like son.

giphy (8)


Poor Andre, he’s lost a child and in the process may be losing his mind. He and Rhonda hit a few snags over the season and wrestle with his illness and his constant search for solace in the Lord (fix it Jesus…please) but they rebound just in time for him to help Lucious regain confidence of the shareholders at their annual meeting.

giphy (10)


Lawd…can Jamal live, literally and figuratively? His sexual preference has been a huge focus and has impacted his career. A small flirtation with Skye (played by Alicia Keys) made Lucious a little too happy. This constant struggle leads to an explosive confrontation in episode 17.

giphy (11)


Becky with the good hair is on to Boo Boo Kitty’s antics by the end of the season because her flashbacks are helping fill in the memory gaps. Anika better hope Rhonda doesn’t dust off her own Louboutins before mini Hakeem comes busting out.

giphy (12)


Earlier we learned Lucious’ mom is not dead and was in fact being kept in a home. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Mommy Dearest is not thrilled with being lied about and left out. No wire hangers and no ASA’s for you!

giphy (13)


Can these two get it together and just get remarried already? They’re now co-partnering and sharing the president role, might as well put a ring on it and not just an expensive bracelet.

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Freda Gatz grabbed a gat and shot at Lucious when crackhead Carol let it slip that he killed her father. Per usual, Jamal got in the middle and the huge cliffhanger for tonight is whether or not he’ll die. Fingers crossed on this one!

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