Rickey Weighs Therapy vs Ass-Whuppings #rickeysmileyforreal

by James Hill

May 23, 2016

We were all there when Rickey went old school on Craig’s about lying in episode two. We were also there when Rickey told us he didn’t give a damn what we think about him doing so. And YOU were definitely there for Rickey with overwhelming support of his parenting style. But like any good dad, Rickey is looking to hear from others to see if he could have handled it any better, so he went to see his therapist.

We don’t know about you but Rickey did not seem too impressed with therapy as a solution. Sure, he’s open to it but this was the line that caught our attention: “It’s all about choices. Whatever’s going on with you psychologically, we don’t use excuses. That’s bull****!”

Yeah, so . . . maybe no therapy?

TELL US: Is Rickey being too old school in thinking psychological issues is just an excuse to act out or does he have a point about personal responsibility. Hit the comments below or follow us @tvonetv