Rickey is Ready to Cut Craig Off

by James Hill

May 31, 2016

Things between Rickey and Craig got SUPERHEATED this season and while we were hoping for the Smiley clan to work it out, it looks like things are going to have to get worse before they get better. Last episode, Rickey visited his therapist to make sure he hadn’t gone off the rails. Well, in this episode Rickey goes to see his lawyer and, let’s just say, it doesn’t look good.

Rickey appears to be completely chill-deficient when it comes to Craig and is now ready to kick him out of his house and cut all legal ties. But what we found to be the most compelling part was when his lawyer mentioned that Craig could end up in group home and Rickey said: “Group home is probably the least of his problem. Craig’s on his way to jail!”

TELL US: Do you agree with Rickey’s decision to sever ties with Craig? Do you feel Craig’s behavior is indicative of someone headed to jail? What would you do?