Who Asks for the Digits?

by James Hill

June 7, 2016

So we were watching the latest Rickey Smiley episode and when Ms. Pat starting recounting her blind date, we had the same reaction Rickey did. OK, watch the clip first and we’ll catch up afterwards.

Look, we’re not rude enough to ask how old Ms. Pat is, but we feel certain she’s seen enough Sundays to know that the dating game done changed since she was a hot, young thing. So when Ms. Pat said she doesn’t have her blind date’s number, we asked the same question Rickey did “what part of the game are you from?” Actually, now that we think about it — how did Ms. Pat arrange a date if she didn’t have his number? Anyway . . .

Maybe Rickey is wrong on this. In the age of Tinder and text-message break ups, is there any room for the tradition of men being solely responsible for getting a woman’s number? Is Ms. Pat right or just old-fashioned?

So, a question for our single, straight folks, tell us: In 2016, is it expected that only men can ask for a woman’s number for a date or are we basically cool with a woman getting them digits if she wants to go out?