How To Remain Unbothered Like Beyoncé

by TV One Staff

June 7, 2016

Of course, Beyoncé took home the Fashion Icon Award in a surprise appearance at the 2016 CFDA’s. With her latest release of LEMONADE and stadium-bound Formation World Tour, this King young lady is out here killing it.

The true achievement, however, is Bey’s ability to stay unbothered in the same room as an alleged “Becky with good hair” (Rachel Roy was in attendance as well)— which leads us to ask: How do you remain unbothered like Bey in the same room as your ex or your current partner’s ex? Here are a few pointers:

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1. BEY PRESENT WITH A PURPOSE: Of course we can’t all be honored with the Fashion Icon Award at the CFDA’s but it doesn’t hurt to be seen by an ex or your current partner’s ex in a moment when the shine is on you!

2. BEY POLITE: Don’t go out of your way to be disrespectful and don’t go out of your way to be too nice, either. Treat your ex or “Becky” like you would any other ordinary tax-paying civilian–with politeness and class.

3. BEY HAPPY: Have a great time! Don’t let “Becky” or your ex steal your joy or get you flustered—you came out to enjoy yourself. Hell, fake it if you have to!

4. BEY FLAWLESS:  Like Beyoncé in this 9 million dollar-worth, 2-piece sparkly pin-striped number by Givenchy, be dressed to kill. The worst thing is being seen out in public by Becky/your ex in a dingy t-shirt and the same sweats you had since college.

TELL US: What are some other tips to keeping your cool when you run into your ex or your current partner’s ex at an event? Comment below or mention us at @tvonetv! See Beyonce’s full speech below.