If Lucious Lyon Was Your Dad

by TV One Staff

June 16, 2016

This weekend we’re celebrating DADS everywhere! Way too often fathers get the short end of the stick, so don’t forget to let your old man know how much he means to you!

Speaking of, could you imagine if America’s most popular Dad, Lucious Lyon, was your pop?!

Here are 10 moments that you may experience:

1. Your Dad (Lucious Lyon) has that one favorite shirt that he won’t let go. Give it a rest Dad!

giphy (27)

2. You tell your Dad that you’re being bullied in school. He says:

giphy (26)

3. Your Dad asks your male best friend if he has a girlfriend. Your best friend smiles and says, “Girlfriend? Chile…”

giphy (28)

4. You’ve gotten yourself in a pickle and its something your Dad warned you about but you didn’t listen. Now you need his help:

giphy (30)

5. Your Dad knows that one magical phrase that calms your Mom down EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

giphy (29)

6. Your younger brother reaches out to your Dad for some advice about his girlfriend and then this happens:

giphy (31)

7. You accidentally cut yourself and ask your Dad for a band-aid. He says:

giphy (32)

8. Your Dad wins a raffle which entails a trip for one. Will he give the winning ticket to your Mom?

giphy (34)

9. You asked your Mom for that expensive pair of sneakers and she says no, so you ask your Dad instead:

giphy (35)

10. You walk in on your Mom and Dad having a “grown folks” conversation:

giphy (33)

TELL US: What is a funny/special moment you shared with your Dad? Comment below or mention us @tvonetv!