Officer Found Not Guilty in Freddie Gray Murder

by James Hill

June 23, 2016

Officer Caeser Goodson, the third policeman on trial for the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, was found not guilty by Judge Barry Williams this morning.

As the driver of the police van in which Gray sustained fatal spinal cord injuries, Goodson was facing the most serious charges — second degree depraved murder. Two other officers have also been acquitted of any charges though four more trials in this case are still pending.

Gray had been arrested last April for possession of an illegal switchblade and was seen via civilian-shot video struggling in pain against restraints as he was loaded into the police van. Sometime between being loaded and arriving at a trauma station, his spinal cord was injured causing him to go into a coma and ultimately to die.

His death became one of the signature incidents that fueled the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.


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