Did Prince REALLY Throw Shade at MJ?

by TV One Interns

June 28, 2016

Prince and Michael Jackson are two legendary artists that are gone way too soon. For those of us who were buying albums (yes, albums) during their reign there was always the dream that the two titans would team up. So far, the only indication of rivalry comes from a hilariously shady interview Prince did with Chris Rock where he claimed there was no rivalry and that he turned down Michael’s invitation to collab on “Bad.”

Or maybe there was another reason we never got a Prince/MJ album.

UK paper The Mirror claims to have access to taped interviews from the 1980’s of Michael Jackson speaking ill of Prince. The King of Pop referred to The Purple One as “mean, nasty, and rude.” He even said that Prince was mean and rude to his family. Now we’d hate to choose sides, especially when neither party can defend themselves, but Prince was indeed the King of Shade. Now, was he shady enough to be “rude” to another one our faves? We can’t say.

TELL US: Do you believe Michael’s accusations? Or, do you think these are a few sour grapes on Michael’s part? 

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