Why is Bugs Bunny Rapping “Hail Mary?”

by James Hill

July 12, 2016

Is this important? No.

Will this story make you appear smart and/or clever in any way possible? Probably not.

However, it IS Bugs Bunny rapping (NSFW, BTW) to Tupac’s classic “Hail Mary.” And if you can’t enjoy that, there probably isn’t much hope for you.

Posted by the aptly named youtuber isthishowyougoviral, we give you “Tupac| Hail Mary |Bugs Bunny Mashup.”

Naturally, this opens a whole can or worms like — which 90’s classic should Donald Duck rap over? Can Elmer Fudd do a convincing “Gin and Juice?” Why are we cool with cartoons cursing? Who knows?

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