The Moment You Realize Your Crew is Messy

by James Hill

July 12, 2016

Maybe you’re new in town or just got a new gig, either way you hooked up with a new crew of friends who are fun to be around, like the same shows (GOT baby!) you do and even drink the same wines.

And then you’re all out one night and except one of the girls (let’s randomly call her . . . Paula) can’t make it. It’s all good — until it isn’t. Suddenly, the rest of the women are GOING IN on Paula. And not just the normal stuff like fashion nitpicks but like serious stuff you would save for Oprah or Iyanla’s couch. Now you’re looking around for the reality show cameras wondering if you’ve been punk’d or added to a new Housewife show without your knowledge.

That’s EXACTLY the situation Malika Haqq found herself in this week. Watch and cringe for her.

We applaud Malika for standing up for Paula (oh, look at that, a coincidence!) even though she hadn’t even met her yet but did she make the right choice since NO ONE ELSE in the room seems to like her.

TELL US: Have you found yourself in the middle of a squad civil war? Did you work to resolve it or back out slowly?