Baby Future Calls Russell Wilson ‘Papa’

by TV One Staff

July 13, 2016

It’s hard introducing your children to your new spouse. Some children find it hard to accept such a new addition to their family. However, for the Wilson family, it seems like that’s simply not the case, especially for Baby Future.

During their Facebook Live recording, the blended family was seen showing their affection to one another. Baby Future asked Mama Ciara for a kiss, then “Papa” for one as well. Both Ciara and Russell proudly gave baby Future a kiss and went back to focusing on Russell’s haircut. They seemed to not be phased by the name baby Future used to call Russell:

Whether he was taught by his mother or started the habit himself, it’s nice to see a beautiful and loving relationship between a stepfather and his stepson. Although the live-stream shows Ciara smiling from ear to ear but do you think the baby’s biological father, Future, was smiling as well? Is he being replaced? We personally think that Russell deserves a pat on his back for stepping up to the plate and treating his wife’s son as his own.

TELL US: If you were newly married with a young child, would you allow that child to call your new spouse Mom or Dad? What do you think Father Future would most likely say about Russell’s title according to his son?