Ed & Keshia Head For Divorce: The Drama Continues

by TV One Interns

July 29, 2016

Earlier this week, Ed Hartwell shocked us all by filing for divorce and demanding a paternity test from his PREGNANT wife, Keshia Knight Pulliam aka, Little Rudy.

But wait, there’s more.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pulliam put all of her feelings on the table. She stated that there is absolutely no possibility that the baby is not Ed’s, Bossip reported.

“I don’t know if it’s the hormones… no, it’s all of it, because it’s fresh,” Pulliam tells ET’s Nischelle Turner, fighting back tears. “And it’s hurtful. And I knew I couldn’t be silent, because this isn’t about money. This isn’t about fame. This isn’t about social media likes or follows. This is about my character — my integrity as a woman being attacked — and that’s not OK.”

We can only imagine how difficult is to not only deal with a pregnancy, but also being accused of something you claim not to have done- leaving your marriage in jeopardy.

Pulliam revealed that Hartwell did cheat in the beginning of their marriage and begged for a second chance, so Ed’s decision to file for divorce for the POSSIBILITY of cheating has us all a little confused.

Check out the exclusive interview below:

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