Roland Drags Bow Wow on Twitter

by James Hill

July 31, 2016

We know some of you out there may not be all that excited about voting in November or don’t find politics interesting.

Fine. Just do yourself a favor and keep that to yourself and DEFINITELY don’t post your thoughts on Twitter because ROLAND WILL DRAG YOU!

Case in point, last week Bow Wow tweeted this when asked by a fan who he planned on voting for this year:


Bad, but things got worse when the fan implored Bow Wow to remember what his ancestors sacrificed to get the vote.


And that’s when Roland saw blood and started a twitter storm against the rapper/actor. This is just one of the tweets Roland unleased:


Roland also said “You do know the federal civil rights of mixed race people can be violated? Bruh, you really need to be educated.” And that’s where things . . . started going right.

Bow Wow, seemingly realizing you can’t out tweet a righteous Roland, relented.


And Roland took him up on that opportunity tweeting directly to Bow Wow to direct message him so they can exchange numbers and begin that conversation. To that Bow Wow said, “Let’s make it happen.”

TELL US: Do you know folks who are just as disaffected as Bow Wow? Are you just as unsatisfied with politics as him?