7 Things You’ll Learn from the Black, White & Blue Study

by James Hill

August 4, 2016

The first days of July were some of the worst: July 5 — Alton Sterling, July 6 — Philando Castile, July 7 — Dallas.

It was all you could talk about. It was all we could talk about. But we knew we had to do more than talk.

As a joint venture, Radio One Companies and TV One teamed with Edison Research to LISTEN to over 1,500 Americans in mid-July to find out how the country felt about race relations, the police and even the Presidential candidates in an historic study being released today at BlackWhiteBlue.newsone.com. You can get more by following #blackwhiteblue,

So what did we find? How does race affect the perception of police, Black Lives Matter and the Presidential race? See some of the results right here.