Power of the Private Part

by TV One Staff

August 8, 2016

When it comes to cable hit TV shows like Power, a nip-slip here and there is to be expected. After all, we’re all mature adults (or should be, if we’re watching that kind of television ? ?).

However, it seems that the show’s creator, Courtney Kemp, decided to push the envelope a bit further than usual when the decision was made to expose the eh…private member of actor and fellow executive producer of the show, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, during a (lackluster, really) sex scene. Lets just say 50 wasn’t too thrilled about the extra exposure and had a few choice words for Courtney:







Courtney fired back saying that 50 knew what he was shooting and was well aware of what scenes would air.

At first glance, we felt bad for 50 Cent, thinking how could his Power team do this to him? But then we thought—wait this is 50 CENT, business man, marketing genius, willing-to-roast-any-celebrity-at-a-drop-of-a-dime, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER,  FITTY ( yes, Fitty). Most people in the industry would see it as career suicide to try to play this guy, let alone his own business partners. If anyone had a say-so on what hits the air, it would be Curtis.

giphy (37)

This was clearly a marketing stunt to promote the show. He didn’t even seem all that mad in his rant toward Courtney. He knew the scene would have people talking and he just beat us to the conversation….Well played. Was it necessary? Not really, taking that we already love the show but perhaps the more promotion, the better?

Looks like 50 cent was well aware of the power of the private part. See “Magic Stick” for reference….

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TELL US: Do you think 50 Cent was really upset and blind-sided by this extra exposure? Or do you think it was planned promotion? Let us know below!