So Long Crying Jordan! Hello #PhelpsFace

by TV One Interns

August 9, 2016

Competition is healthy and its always chivalrous to give your competitors a heads up that you’re about to crush them, but Michael Phelps took things to the next level. #PhelpsFace became a hashtag after Michael gave Chad le Clos the nastiest and most intense death stare that has ever hit the internet.

Apparently, le Clos beat Phelps in 2012 and Phelps was just not in the mood to lose to him again. Although he didn’t win the Olympic competition, he came in second place while le Clos came in third, so looks like #PhelpsFace worked in his favor. Move over crying Jordan! There’s a new web facial expression in town.

The internet had a field day with the hashtag, here are some of the funniest tweets:

TELL US: Who has the better web facial expression, Michael Jordan or Michael Phelps?