Are We A Little Too Judgmental?

by James Hill

August 11, 2016

When we asked if Meagan Good’s BET Awards dress was too scandalous, we kinda thought everyone was over it. WRONG!

The question caught FIRE on Facebook with hundreds of responses with you guys debating on what a woman should and shouldn’t wear, especially if she is somehow connected to the church. Bonita Thomas said, “Apparently holiness & being in church & married to a minister has not changed her hollywood standards huh?” While folks like Sandra Big-Baby Pannell were #teamMeagan saying “Look damn good leave her alone.”

We love that we’re not all on one side of an issue but it was one comment that really got us thinking:

Is Sally right? Are we too judgmental of each other? When is it OK to go in on someone and when should we pull back and let someone else “do them?” Hey, we did ask the question about Meagan’s dress but maybe we should have just let her live.

And since we’re already talking about dresses, we figured we show you a few other celebrity dresses that caused more than a few people to catch the vapors. WARNING: Pearl clutching is appropriate for some of these.