Give Gabby Douglas A Break!

by TV One Interns

August 12, 2016

Everyone needs to give Gabby Douglas a break!

At first, the talk was of Gabby’s hair and how kinky it was. (What do you expect from a BLACK gymnast??) Now this time, Gabby didn’t place her hand over her heart as the National Anthem played during Tuesday’s medal ceremony, and of course- social media jumped at the opportunity to call her “disrespectful.”

People of color have experienced a lot of hardship for decades, especially during the past 4 years when we’ve had to rally and protest just to continue to see our people killed and mistreated. Even if Gabby’s intent was to be rebellious or make a statement, it just shouldn’t matter. The girl is bringing the USA gold medal after gold medal!

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Gabby responded and cleared the air by saying:

TELL US: Do you think Gabby should have received this much backlash over something so minuscule?