That One Time Ellen Tried It

by TV One Staff

August 17, 2016

Who could get mad at the charming blue-eyed comedienne and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres?

When you post a racist-deemed meme like the one she did in celebration of Usain Bolt‘s legendary Olympic win, a whole HEAP of people:

Of course, Ellen responded to the accusation of the racist nature of the tweet:

Hey Kanye, what did you think of Ellen’s response?

giphy (51)

We have to be honest. Ellen, YOU TRIED IT. We get that you’re the funny lady and although we don’t perceive you as a racist, you HAD to have realized the racial undertone of this joke. The thing about offending people is the intention is often not important. It’s the offense that matters. Being “highly aware” of racism and racial tension in this country should have made you think twice before posting an image of  yourself, a white woman, riding on the back of a black man, so you could more efficiently run errands.

giphy (52)

Usain Bolt is not a stallion, and he’s definitely not a donkey. He is, however, a record-breaking Olympic gold medalist, and a mere “CONGRATULATIONS” would have sufficed.

Don’t worry, we won’t stop watching your show over this.

TELL US: What did you think of Ellen’s joke? Do you think she should have been more conscious of the backlash she would receive?