Spelman College–For ALL Women?

by TV One Interns

August 17, 2016

Whether you agree with it or not, it’s good to see everyone becoming more progressive in 2016.

Spelman College, known for being the #1 HBCU in America, is considering allowing transgender women to be admitted into the college. They’re bringing together a task force to provide recommendations of whether or not it will begin accepting transgender women.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be–all Seven Sisters have deemed transgender women eligible for admittance and acceptance.

Oprah at a Spelman graduation in 2012.

If they plan to follow through, we’re interested in seeing the assistance that Spelman will provide to transitioning women during this emotional, psychological, and physical transformation, since support and assistance will be absolutely imperative.

TELL US: Since 2016 has been an extremely tough year for the LGBTQ community, do you think this change will push similar institutions and  HBCU’s to change in regards to transgender acceptance?