5 Power Couple Moves For Rihanna & Drake

by TV One Staff

September 1, 2016

When it comes to power couples we’re fortunate to have Michelle & Barack, Oprah & Stedman, Bey & Jay, and now….Rihanna & Drake?!

At first, we weren’t so sure after Drake confessed his love for RiRi and she rewarded him with a slight curve at the MTV VMAs during her acceptance of the  Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award:

giphy (35)

But now it seems things have definitely heated up for the two. Drake brought his talents to Miami for the Summer Sixteen Tour, and after Rihanna performed with him, confirmed their romance with an actual kiss.


Now that things are looking more certain, here are 5 power couple moves that will solidify their rightful place in pop culture history:

1. Make A Collaborative Album: Yes! The two already have several songs together, just give us the sing-song rap meets dancehall-pop album that we don’t yet realize that we need.

giphy (37)


2. Go On Tour Together: Marc Anthony and J. Lo had the El Cantante Tour while Beyoncé and Jay Z had the On The Run Tour. Once the collab album drops we’ll def need a joint tour. Suggested name? Pon De Views Tour?

giphy (36)


3. Argue In Their Native Accents: Being a power couple means more joint business ventures and more combined decisions, i.e. more arguments. Imagine the two arguing in their native Bajan and Canadian accents. It’s petty of course, but are we the only ones to find that humorous?

giphy (41)


4. Pretend Like Everything is OK: Ain’t nothing like the united front of a power couple! We can already see them discreetly arguing at an industry party, with smiles on their faces like an episode of Scandal, right before they take an adorable picture together for the paps:


5. Release a Song/Album Revealing Their Contempt For Each Other: Jay did it with “Lost One” and Bey did it with LEMONADE, and we ate both of those up like a malnourished high school athlete. We like the rise of a power couple, but we LOVE knowing that things can break apart at any minute. Tragic, but true.


TELL US: What other power couple moves should Rihanna and Drake make together?