Why Won’t This Black Republican Answer Roland’s Question?

by James Hill

September 6, 2016

As you may know, Republicans passed harsh voter ID laws in several states that seemed targeted at suppressing Black folks from voting. However, when it comes to voter ID law in North Carolina, the supreme court said it didn’t just SEEM like the laws were aimed at Black folks, they said “the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

Thankfully, the supreme court struck down those laws but Roland still has a bone or three to pick with Black Republicans who have been silent on the issue. In fact, he asked Senior Vice President of the DC Republican Party Ralph Chittams why he and his fellow Black Republicans haven’t yet taken their own party to task for systematically trying to stop Black and Brown people from voting this year. Here’s what he had to (not) say.

SIDE NOTE: Since we KNOW you are planning to vote this year, here’s a quick guide on what you need to bring with you to make sure your voice is heard.