7 Reasons We’re Dying For iPhone 7

by TV One Staff

September 7, 2016

When it comes to the world of smart phones, the iPhone is Beyoncé.

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Meaning that when it’s time for a new release we keep our eyes and ears peeled for any peep of new information. When Android users (like Rihanna fans), try to argue that their phone is better we shut them down, each and every time. The brand is just way too strong and deserves our consumer loyalty.

Needless to say that time has come again, and on September 7, Apple will be making a major announcement about the iPhone 7. And of course, we’ll be tuning in.

Here are 7 reasons we’re dying to have the new iPhone 7:

1. We’re yearning for a new design: The iPhone 6 is great and although we’re definitely hooked, we still like shiny, new things. We’re hoping the iPhone 7 at least feels different in our hands but an updated user interface works too.

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2. We need more space:Yes, we know Apple gave us 128 gigs last time but with all the selfies that we’re taking ( You can save your Snapchat memories now. Thank GOD.?) and all the albums that we’re downloading, we just need more.

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3. We need new features: We heard whispers about the new charger, updated headphones, and water-resistant design. Yes, please. We’ll take all of those and more.

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4. We need something stronger: Our lives are hectic and we’re always on the go. We need a phone as tough (or tougher) as life itself. Um, and those spider screens are embarrassing us.

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5. We clearly like spending money: Apple has proven this with every release. And yes, we bought every release.

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6. We like new ish. And it’s time: Hasn’t it been long enough? Before Apple we changed our phone every 6 months to a year. Plus, we need something to stunt on our friends with Androids.

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7. We require what we desire: Truth is, we don’t need the iPhone 7 at all. We WANT it. But that’s a good enough reason.

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TELL US: What are your thoughts on the iPhone 7 announcement? Are you dying to get your hands on one?