Is Feminism a White Thing?

by James Hill

September 7, 2016

Soooo, this whole Lena Dunham-Odell Beckham thing has been getting under our skin a little for two reasons: 1. We kinda don’t care. 2. We’re kinda pissed, too.

On NewsOne Now, Roland and the panel chopped it up (nutshell: Lena Dunham imagined that Beckham found her repulsive and seemed hurt by it in an interview with Amy Schumer) with most people getting off at the same stop: Lena Dunham Should Just Stop Talking.

But what we found fascinating was that little blow up at the end about Blackness and feminism between Howard University professor Gregory Carr and Social Justice Organizer Amber J. Phillips. Watch and we’ll talk after the clip.

TELL US: Do you think Black women have a place in feminism (whether old-school or new school) or are racial justice and gender justice on opposite tracks that never overlap?