90’s on the 80’s, Vol. 2

by TV One Staff

September 7, 2016

It’s safe to say that we lead the pack when it comes to telling the untold stories of the greatest  Black stars of the past and the present.

Some of us grew up with these artists while others (like millennials, who still have milk on their ?) are experiencing some of these classics for the first time!

We present to you the 90’s ON THE 80’s where millennials review clips and music videos from artists who have been featured on Unsung. Enjoy!

This week: Martha Wash, Florence Ballard, Deniece Williams, and Teddy Pendergrass 

Millennial: Ricardo (27) 


R- See this is why Unsung is important to the culture! That was messed up that they used a model in place of Martha Wash! I personally would have been offended at first, but would have used the check to dry my eyes, if you get what I’m saying. On another note, this era of dance music was really fun and I like how they blended different sounds together.



R- I dont know what it is, but the Motown era has a special place in my heart. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear you all asking: “What do you know about the Motown era, young buck!’ But it’s true,  the live instrumentals, raw vocals, and raw emotions have always spoken to me. It’s very interesting to learn about this member of The Supremes, you know, since Diana Ross had all the shine.



R- I have one word, CLASSIC! To be honest my generation got a taste of this record after Monica released “Everything To Me”, which was obviously heavily inspired by this song. This is a beautiful record, and yes, we’ve all been there where we felt duped by love.



R-I THINK I BETTA LET IT GO! YOU TELL EM, TEDDY! This guy’s voice is the truth man, and it’s mostly because the way he delivered his songs. I have to be honest. My parents like this kind of music, which now that I think about it, may be the reason I’m here today! Just saying!