Streaming Party For Nelly’s Dilemma

by TV One Interns

September 13, 2016

Nelly is in trouble, to say the least. So much trouble that he owes the IRS a whopping 2.4 million dollars.

Luckily, his loyal fans decided to help him out a little bit. They figured that if they played “Hot In Herre” enough times, they’d be able to settle his debt. Now, we’re not sure if it’s a joke or if they sincerely want to help Nelly out during this dilemma (see what we did there?), either way we’re in tears.??

giphy (87)


They took to Twitter and created the hashtag #HotInHerrreStreamingParty. Here are our favorite tweets:


TELL US: Are you willing to help a brotha out? What other stars (in need) deserve a streaming party?