Bell Biv Devoe: Then vs. Now

by James Hill

September 14, 2016

If you weren’t alive in 1990, you just don’t understand how the opening drum kicks to Bell Biv Devoe‘s “Poison” turned every situation into a party.

Family dinner + “Poison” = party. Study session + “Poison” = party. Funeral + “Poison” = party.

Throw in the fact that the nice New Edition boys were now talking about big butts that they intended on smacking, flipping and rubbing down — BBD’s whole vibe shook our world. And though they’ve dropped two additional albums since their debut, nothing has really topped that first cut for us.

But now, BBD is back with a new joint called “Run” — produced by Erick Sermon himself — and now it’s time to get your opinion.

Maybe this is unfair but we’re pitting “Run” against BBD’s first hit “Poison” to see which reps hardest for you.




TELL US: Which song do you like better — “Run” or “Poison?”