90s on the 80s: Iconic Songs

by TV One Staff

September 14, 2016

It’s safe to say that we lead the pack when it comes to telling the untold stories of the greatest  Black stars of the past and the present.

Some of us grew up with these artists while others (like millennials, who still have milk on their ?) are experiencing some of these classics for the first time!

We present to you the 90s ON THE 80s where millennials review clips and music videos from artists who have been featured on Unsung. Enjoy!

This week: Otis Redding, Minnie Riperton, Peaches & Herb, and Bobby Womack 

Theme: Iconic songs

Millennial: Ricardo (27) 


R- I must say, I didn’t know that Otis passed away in a tragic airplane accident. I can definitely relate to losing an artist that you like to tragedy. For my generation, it was Aaliyah! This record is so reflective and calm, I almost feel like I’m sitting on the dock with him where he wrote this song… AND did my guy whistle at the end of this record? AMAZING.



R- DO-uh do-do-doooooo (insert high note here). What I love about this record is its simplicity… just a beautiful voice and minimal instrumentation! Like, this record makes you think about the first person you ever fell in love with and how perfect they were in your eyes. A song like this will truly last forever.



R- This record brings me straight to the family cookout for some reason! You cannot deny the chemistry of Peaches & Herb. It would be interesting to see the modern day version of this record…I could see Toni Braxton and Babyface having a ‘Peaches & Herb’ moment…oh wait, they already did!



R- Yes, petty Bobby! Bobby was so petty for this record! At first you think this song will be a tender love record but it turns into a “you need to appreciate what you have before it’s gone” record for the fellas to sing. Beyoncé, who? To the left, to the left, where? Another great classic.

MOST ICONIC SONG: I gotta give it to Minnie Riperton on this one! A classic love song like “Lovin’ You” will never go out of style. The delivery and that high note, just exceptional!