“Barry” & Other Early Celeb Biopics

by TV One Staff

September 22, 2016

Something tells us that we’re at the very beginning of a long line-up of films portraying the life of the 44th and 1st African-American president, Barack Obama.

(?sigh) Gosh, we’re gonna miss this guy:

giphy (2)

So far we already have a romantic comedy, Southside With You, focusing on the president and First Lady’s first date, and now Netflix has another acquired film, Barry, which centers around a young Obama as a student at Columbia University in NYC during the early 80’s. Seen at the Toronto Film Festival, Netflix forked over a ton of money to get this film on its platform.

So who’s playing this young Obama (who apparently does a lot of reading, partying, and playing basketball)? Australian actor, Devon Terrell, who we’re assuming did a great job because why else would Netflix go through the trouble?

It’s good to see President Obama get his shine-on on the big screen. Take a look at other early celebrity stories that we’re dying to see who they were before they became who they are:

TELL US: Who did we miss? Which one of our choices would you go see?