Radcliffe Confirms Racism In Hollywood

by TV One Staff

September 23, 2016

We hear our Black stars complain all the time about the lack of roles and discrimination in Hollywood.

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According to Daniel Radcliffe, the complaints have all been true.

The Harry Potter and Horns star, made it very clear that the accusations of discrimination within the film industry are not exaggerated in an interview with BBC, mentioning that racism is “pretty much undeniable” in Hollywood.

“We like to think of ourselves as being a very, very progressive industry, but we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas.”, he says.

Not only is the film industry prejudice against skin color, but a prevalent amount of homophobia exists as well, where gay actors are typecast with gay roles.

He didn’t stop there in the interview. Radcliffe went on to criticize Donald Trump, mentioning that the presidential candidate is a “wealthy, privileged man (who) has somehow managed to convince people he’s not part of the elite and that’s he’s a man of the people” and is known for stirring “fear and hatred.”

Daaaaaaaaaaamn, Daniel!

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We don’t know how vocal Radcliffe has been about discrimination in the past, but what we do know is that he plays an FBI agent who goes undercover as white supremacist in his latest movie role. See the trailer below:

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