First Look at Janet Jackson Pregnant

by James Hill

September 29, 2016

When you’re die-hard Janet fans like us, every glimpse of her is gold. So when Ms. Nasty stopped showing up in our feeds (stalk much?), we were a little sad and, yes, a little suspicious. And with pregnancy stories and weight-gain rumors flying all about we really didn’t know what to think.

But now we do.

Entertainment Tonight has some exclusive pictures of Janet’s first trip into the public eye while baby shopping in London.

Between Hillary having pneumonia and still campaigning and Janet being 50 and toting a baby, our respect for women who don’t let ANYTHING stop them is through the roof.

Let’s be real, Janet has picked up some weight but you know who else gets a little heavy when pregnant? — EVERYBODY!!! So excuse us if we think Janet looks beautiful and down-right NORMAL compared to some of these celebs who fight tooth and nail not to gain a single pound.

Anyway, we’ll get off our soap box so you can gaze at Janet’s baby-glow.

TELL US: How do you think Janet looks?