90s On The 80s: The 70s

by TV One Staff

October 5, 2016

It’s safe to say that we lead the pack when it comes to telling the untold stories of the greatest Black stars of the past and the present.

Some of us grew up with these artists while others (like millennials, who still have milk on their ?) are experiencing some of these classics for the first time!

We present to you the 90’s ON THE 80’s where millennials review clips and music videos from artists who have been featured on Unsung. Enjoy!

This week: Johnnie Taylor, Ike Turner, The O’Jays, and The Emotions

Theme: The 70’s

Millennial: Ricardo (27)


R- This song sounds like the 70s! Not only does it sound like the 70s but it sounds like this was the song of choice for all the fly guys who drove Cadillacs. Like, you needed to have a Cadillac to be able to play this song. After doing my research, it was cool to find out that this was RIAA’s first platinum song.



R- Although Ike was the musician of the group, Tina Turner stands out so much! We’ve all seen the movie but for some reason I never realized just how deep Ike Turner’s voice was.



R- Man! I wish I was alive when this song first came out so I could have been on this episode of Soul Train. Not only was this song socially good but it just makes you feel upbeat and happy. (sigh) People in the 70s probably lived in bliss the entire decade.



R- So I’ve definitely heard this song before but I wasn’t familiar with the ladies behind the music! They have amazing voices and stage presence! Once again, Soul Train was obviously the place to be during this time! You can definitely hear this song playing on a commercial today.