Several Thoughts About the “Get Out” Trailer

by James Hill

October 5, 2016

And we thought “Luke Cage” was woke!

Now here comes “Get Out,” Jordan Peele’s (yes, half of Key and Peele) directorial debut about . . . well, um, . . . we’re pretty sure it’s about White people kidnapping/brainwashing Black folks but you should watch the trailer and meet us on the other side for several thoughts.

Several thoughts:

1. We get the feeling we’re gonna hate Allison Williams here as much as we do on “Girls.”

2. In addition to scaring us, clearly Peele is trying to piss us off, too. Note to any White readers, if you want to make your Black friends mad please do adopt outdated slang and call their relationship a “thang.” ARGH!

3. Hey, was that Darius from “Atlanta” with the bleeding nose?

4. How did Peele know that the feeling we get from being the only Black person at a party feels EXACTLY like being in a horror movie?

5. We’re pretty sure the movie’s title comes from Eddie Murphy’s classic joke about Black people in horror movies.

6. Why did we literally jump out of our seats when Darius tries to shake the main character’s hand instead of a fist bump?

7. Badminton is evil.

8. In the 80’s, “A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste” was a great tagline for the United Negro College Fund. Now it makes us want to hide under the covers.