12 Nights of Christmas & Other Holiday Albums

by TV One Staff

October 6, 2016

Say what you want about Robert, he’s a musical genius with the sickest pen game.

But the question is: Would you like to spend Christmas with R. Kelly?


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If your answer is yes, feel free to celebrate now because Christmas just came early.

The R&B pied piper is set to release a Christmas themed-album called 12 Nights Of Christmas, where you’ll be getting original holiday-themed music about love-making (This is R. Kelly, remember?). Check out the track listing below:

“12 Nights Of Christmas” Available Everywhere October 21, 2016 #12NightsOfChristmas

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We can’t lie, we’re actually curious to hear what this album will sound like. Bring on the mistletoe!

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Speaking of holiday-themed albums, here are 5 holiday must-haves for the season:

TELL US: Will you be purchasing R. Kelly’s Christmas album? What are your favorite holiday-themed albums?