5 Ways Jenifer Lewis Is Like Your Fave Black Aunt

by TV One Staff

October 7, 2016

Her name is Jenifer Lewis. With one N. And don’t you DARE mistake her for another actress.

We love her on-screen but we adore her vivacious and bold personality off-screen even more.

Here are 5 ways Jenifer Lewis is like your favorite Black Aunt:

1. She’s always there to give good advice and to drop a gem on you.

giphy (22)


2. She’s extremely nurturing. She’ll tell you the truth even if it hurts, but will also give you a shoulder (or bosom) to cry on.

giphy (23)


3. Don’t get out of line. She’ll be the first to humble you but will do it in a way that you’ll find lovable, thus appreciating her even more.


4. She’ll have your back.


5. The truth is she’s cool as hell, and you’ll share many laughs with her. (Explicit language, extremely NSFW)


TELL US: In what ways do you appreciate Jenifer Lewis? How is she like your favorite Black aunt?