Help! My Man’s Mother is a Witch

We’ve all heard the tale about the wicked step-mom but no one ever wants to dish about the evil mother in-law. You know the one who casts a spell on anyone who gets close to her beloved son, married or not. So, what do you do when your man’s mother is a WITCH?

First of all, don’t panic! Evil spells are meant to be broken. Nine times out of ten, you aren’t feeling her either but you’re willing to make it work because you love your man. Remember, an unhappy mate equals an unhappy relationship. Don’t let this witch’s evil ways destroy the love you share with her son, your King.

Not getting along with your man’s mom is nothing new. It’s no secret that reality TV star Chrissy Lampkin and fiancé of rapper Jim Jones could take a crash course in how to get along with your man’s mom.   Lampkin’s and Momma Joneses arguments are some of reality TV’s most entertaining moments.  If “Lampkin-ing” your man’s mom is not your style then you have to learn how to get along and make his mom your friend.

I know her witch-like tactics can be dreadful. The method to her madness is to break you down. She may try to achieve this by constantly disrespecting you, embarrassing you in public or even trying to sabotage your wedding. She wants you to step out of your queen bee role so her son can be agitated with you. Don’t fall for the old banana-in-the-tailpipe drama. This is simply a set-up attempted to crumble your happy kingdom.

Kill her with kindness and ultimately make her your friend with these easy steps.

Break out the red carpet when your man’s mother is around. 

That’s a nice way of saying you may have to kiss a little a*s! Find out her likes and dislikes (activities, food, books, TV and movies) and put on your hostess smile next time she’s around. Impress her with your enthusiasm for HER favorite things.

Give her some grand babies.

The easiest way to your man’s mother’s heart is to give her some grand babies. She might not like you but her attitude will have to change if she wants to see the little ones on a regular basis with no drama.

Make amends

Be the bigger woman and call a truce.     This is not the time to be petty or immature despite how she may treat you.   Be straight up and ask for her friendship or at least an amicable rapport.  At the very least she will respect your straight forwardness.Remember, as long as she doesn’t put her hands on you, hurt your children or mess with your money there is no reason to trip. The nicer you become your King can’t help but notice the star treatment your dishing out for his mom. Your evil mother-in-law will have no choice but to surrender to your classy ways.   Protect your castle and make this the law of your land so you can live happily ever after.