Pole Dancing as an Olympic Sport?

PoleI’m not the most athletic girl in the world but if pole dancing becomes an official Olympic Sport I just might have a chance of bringing home the gold.

With all the buzz centered on the summer Olympics, I thought a friend was joking when she said that many pole dancing enthusiasts have been campaigning for this to become an official Olympic sport. Really? Is this what’s on the news these days?

My first thought was to LAUGH … OUT LOUD but on second thought, pole dancing is really EXERCISE and it does take great skill and body discipline. Seriously. Have you ever seen a poll dancer?

It takes a lot of strength to rotate your body in the air like that. There is rhythmic gymnastics, a fancy word for ribbon dancing, where athletes dance with ribbons, hoops, ropes, balls and freestyle (nothing) and that’s an OFFICIAL Olympic sport. (*side eye) And what about my least favorite Olympic activity, ping pong? So why not pole dancing?

The pole dancing participants would wear what? A leotard just like the gymnast wear? Nothing wrong with that in my book but 1 piece only versus a bikini-like look. But wait, I’ve seen a famous tennis player (you know the one) with a lot less costume on.

The only thing I do question is how old would these participants be? It might be cute to be 15 and handle the balance beam, bars or vault but do you really want to see a 15 year old on a pole? I don’t. I’m not THAT liberal.

I’m sure our men wouldn’t object to pole dancing being added to the Olympics line up. Unfortunately, reports say that this activity won’t get serious consideration until 2020. In the meantime, the first World Pole Sport Championship just went down in London days before the real Olympics started. I guess they are hoping such a “stunt” (no pun intended) will gain them some exposure and serious consideration.

Where do you train for such a sport? Charlies Nudie Bar or the gym? I’m just asking?

I do know that pole dancing is popular and classes are everywhere. It’s a GREAT way to get in shape and keep your home happy (if you know what I mean). That’s one class that your honey won’t mind you taking and him holding down the fort at home. But Olympics material? Hmmm…..

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