The Wild World of Dating

What’s a six letter word for an unpredictable activity? 


Let’s talk dating – the good, the bad and even the ugly. How do your dates stack up and what can a single sista do to avoid the drama?

The Good

Dating.  It’s what humans do.  Some do it to find “the one,” others do it for companionship and many just enjoy the thrill of meeting new people.  A good date is the one you can’t stop thinking about — the one that makes you call your girls and brag or even give your mom some hope that your Mr. Right has been found.

The Bad

Being late or rude are all signs of a bad date. No wallet? No plan? No good! You know the date that you looked forward to that turned out to be a complete bust!  Did you end up paying for your own drinks because you learned after you placed your order that he didn’t believe in alcohol (yes, it happened to me) or did you find yourself making all the plans and opening your own doors?  Next!

The Ugly

Dating can get ugly when the feelings are not mutual, some one lies or basic needs are not met.  The ugly date goes beyond the basic bad date and borders on trifling. Does his ex show up? Or maybe he was married and you didn’t know or were his online pictures ten years old?  

One of the most beautiful things about being single is dating.  Let me repeat, “One of the most beautiful things about being single is dating.” You don’t have to commit.  

Here are 3 rules to help you navigate through the wild world of dating:


To conquer the art of dating, meet as many men as possible so you understand what you like and why. 


Have at least 2-3 available men on your dating roster (yes- I said roster because men use that term all the time).


You do not have to sleep with anyone on your roster – it’s up to you. Remember, it’s just dating.

Avoid the drama, my single sistas, by not expecting so much.  He is not your man. He is not your husband. The hardcore fact is when you are dating and both parties have not committed to each other, please believe that he is probably dating more than one person.


Don’t go planning a life together just because you’re spending time together.

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