When Mom Doesn’t Like Your Man

You finally find a man to call your own. He treats you right. He looks right. He talks and walks right. He even smells right.  So, it’s only fitting that he meets your mom, right? When you finally took him home the joyous occasion was anything but; mom doesn’t like your man, now what?

This has happened to me on numerous occasions and although I didn’t understand the dynamics at the time – in my situation, my mom’s intuition was on point. Those so-called Mr. Rights turned out to be oh-so Mr. Wrongs. I’m sure your mom hasn’t always been thrilled with your dating choices but is her word law?

If mom doesn’t like your man is that a death sentence for your relationship?

It doesn’t have to be but I would definitely take heed. If you have the type of mom that nothing-is-never-good-enoughthen perhaps her feelings for your man can be quickly dismissed. Take into consideration that your mom is a perfectionist. 

Perhaps your mom has been unlucky in love and has been dealt her fair share of no good men. Obviously her outlook on dating and relationships isn’t the brightest. Listen to her tales about past dating disasters and learn from them just DO NOT repeat them

I know it may sound harsh but I have witnessed several girlfriends fall victim to advice from their unhappy mothers. If mom’s advice has never let you down then you need to stop and listen but sometimes you have to learn about love through your own twists and turns. Don’t be afraid to go against mom and keep dating your dude as long as he is not disrespectful.  He may turn out to be the love of your life.  You never want to look back and ask yourself, “What if?”

I will admit that many (not all) moms can pick up on signals that we can’t see but that don’t always make her word the gospel. If she doesn’t like your man you need to be woman enough to ask why. 

Just because your mom doesn’t like your man doesn’t mean you have to cut it off immediately. Simply, take notice of her comments, keep your eyes WIDE OPEN and keep it moving. If mom isn’t feeling your man do not flaunt him around her and it’s probably a good idea to keep your dates to yourself for the time being. Give your mom a chance to warm up to the idea that you are a grown woman capable of making your own decisions even in dating, love and relationships.