Keep it Sexy- Steamy Relationship

Follow these tips to elevate your relationship to new heights!


Keep your mate in the know of your feelings. Communication comes in all forms; verbal, text and even touch.

Schedule Sex

Never under estimate this activity. It’s important! Make time for it – even if that means you have to schedule it!

Fix A Plate

The way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach, they say. Go the extra mile and serve him with a smile.

Spend Quality Time

There is no substitute for spending time with each other.
 Find something you both enjoy and just do it!

Don’t Kiss & Tell

Create intimacy by keeping it between you and him.
Don’t invite your entire circle into your relationship.

Embrace Your Alter-Ego

There’s nothing wrong with a little “Sasha Fierce” every now and then.


No one wants to be around a “Negative Nelly.” Support your mate in their endeavors and you will be rewarded.

Get a Life

Have your own activities outside of your relationship.
This will make you more interesting and carefree.

Hang With Other Happy Couples

Add happy couples to your circle of friends. 
No need for drama!  Only positive couples need to apply

Travel / Stay-cation

Experience new things together thru travel.
Budget tight? Don’t fret! Recreate a place at home and enjoy a stay-cation.